Coo English #12


The Economist, Jun 27, 2020


Britain has lagged behind France, Italy and other European countries in easing restrictions. Hotels have seen a surge in bookings for July and beyond.

Taiwan has, to date, seen just seven covid-19 deaths; its economy has suffered correspondingly less.

The bigger task is for investors to embrace the restructuring that must take place.

The US-China relationship is in poor shape.

Another consolation is that the president’s effort to weaponise China electorally appears to be failing.

Hugging you all from a socially acceptable distance.

Lockdowns have brought short-term pain and long-term uncertainty.

Home-working has nibbled at growth and looks likely to continue doing so after the pandemic.

It has infected nearly 10m people and killed almost 500,000 of them. That death toll is also likely to reach seven figures before things are over.

People do learn from experience. And now the world has experienced a pandemic that has affected almost everyone, whether they have become infected or not, maybe it will think more seriously about measures that could smother the next one at birth.

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